Professional Powdered Mixer PMX-1602D
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 It can connect with an output effecter via two plugs of RETURN and SEND in EFFECT. Signal output can adjust correctly with the plug SEND pass each channel from EFFECT. Signal from the effecter also can adjust the delay time and the depth of reverberation with the knob of DELAY and PRT on EFFECT (2) A discrete structure fore power amplifier gives special high consociate limited rate can keep of noise left in special low lever (3) Sound input by mouthpiece with a reduction style amplifying can provide 60dB gain (4) For signal input by circuit can provide 20dB gain. PMX series of sound console has enough wide range of dynamic state to satisfy the requirement of vary kind of signal output (5) In order to give the best sound quality forever, 7 bands of balance and parameter balance is adopted which each single channel has been installed and set the sound frequencies Q VALUE OF CONSTANCY from 350Hz to 5KHz in the balance (6) A professional data delay time dealing chip is adopted to work in with a large of data circuit so that distortion and noise is getting less and less (7) The delay time and the depth of reverberation can be adjusted that a cascade of syllable can be adjusted in the effect dealing channel to make some bad signal getting clearer and make the sound output getting more sweeter.   

  Channel 16 mono input channel

Frequency Response

+0/-1dB, 20Hz-20kHz

T.H.D. & Noise(All measurements at +10dBu output 30dB gain)

XLR input to Direct output <0.08% @1kHz

XLR input to Mix output <0.05% @1kHz

Mic Input E.I.N.n22Hz-22kHz bandwidth, unweighted

<-100dBu(150 Ohm source)

Bus Noise

Mix output, input faders @ -µ, Mix fader 0dB <-80dBu

Grp output, input faders @ -µ, Grp fader 0dB /Aux output, input sends @ -µ, Aux master 0dB <-85dBu

Crosstalk @ 1kHz

Input channel Muting >90dB

Input fader cutoff > 90dB

Input pan pot isolation > 80dB

Mix routing isolation > 90dB

Group routing isolation > 90dB

Adjacent channel isolation > 95dB

Group-Mix crosstall <-80dB

Aux send off <-90dB

EQ (Mono Input)

Hi : 10kHz, +/-15dB

Mid : 250kHz-6kHz, +/-15dB

Low : 60Hz,+/-15dB LF/

Power Consumption

Universal Mains Input : 220V~240v AC, 50/60Hz.

Power Consumption : 500W

Power : 4Ω 200WX2

Weight : 15kg/17kg

Packing Dimensions : 82X50X22cm


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